Learn how to Weld with Coded Welder Training

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What is Coded Welder Training?

Coded welder training is specifically designed to suit an individual’s needs and requirements, ensuring that the candidate develops the skills in order to carry out welding tasks to industry standard. It enables the training provider to identify weaknesses in the candidate’s technique, then offering hands on corrections.

The Course

Its incredibly important for a businesses staff to all be at the same skill level. By tailoring the training to each individual, it means everyone gets to the same end point. It’s important that your training provider is UKAS approved and provided by an insurance certified individual.

Going with any training provider may not be the most beneficial for you. Researching training providers is a good step to take, ensuring they have a vast range of expertise to meet all skills needed for welding.

All levels of courses are catered for from elementary training to advanced levels. Also included is a section on welding theory and health and safety where required.

The Qualification

The coded welder qualification helps businesses hit welding standards which are requirements from the modern British Standards:

  • BS EN ISO 9606 – 1/2
  • BS4872-1/2
  • ISO 15614-1

An excellent training provider is WIRS who are delighted to announce that they now offer coded welder training. Their goal is to help your business reach modern welder procedures and give practical help to candidates. To find out more about their coded welder training, click here: https://wirs.co.uk/coded-welder-training




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