Keeping medical staff safe from Radiation


The population of the UK is exposed to ionising radiation to a greater extent from X-ray examinations than from any other artificial source.

The latest estimate puts the contribution from patients undergoing X-ray’s at 90% of the total exposure from all artificial sources. The total number of medical and dental X-ray examinations carried out in the UK in, is estimated to be 46 million. Considering X-ray Protection is therefore essential for protecting patients and medical staff alike. It is important that X-ray shielding is taken seriously in all environments where examinations are to take place. There are a range of X-ray Protection Products available to shield against harmful rays and make ensure safety for all involved. In X-ray facilities, lead lined materials can be used in the walls surrounding the room with the X-ray source. Operators can then view the target through a X-ray protective window and access the room via X-ray protective doors. Raybloc, radiation protection specialists, supply a range of radiation protection products that are required including X-ray screens and Mobile X-ray Screens to divide areas that may be affected.

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