Internally Illuminated Traffic Signs good news for motorists

For the market’s most durable yet functional internally illuminated traffic signs, look no further than Simmonsigns who have a range to match the growing needs of the traffic management market.

Simmonsigns’ traffic signs are obtainable with the latest LED equipment and are self-contained with anti-vandal access. Should it be necessary, the replacement of any element of our illuminated signs is simple and economical. You can be sure that when you invest in traffic signs from Simmonsigns, you’re not just buying a short-term solution.

internally illuminated traffic signs

Simmonsigns have a wide range of internally illuminated traffic signs

Founded on a philosophy of providing absolute traffic signs solutions, Simmonsigns maintain value over the whole life of their products by utilizing their experience, design capability, manufacturing control, customer feedback, careful selection of materials and quality suppliers.

Based in Telford and established in 1985, they design and manufacture a wide range of products for various signage and illumination applications which includes roads, streets, car parks, underpasses, footbridges, roundabouts, offices, warehouses, school and pedestrian crossings.

Available in dual sided and flexible applications now, the Invinca range of traffic signs have been used up and down the country for many years giving a proven unbeatable service. The range is robust, vandal-resistant and ticks the boxes on security, efficiency and reduced preservation. Take a look at the internally illuminated traffic signs range on the Simmonsigns website if you need any more information or contact them directly on 01952 293333.

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