Improving safety with sign lighting

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sign lightsRoad signs were first introduced in the United Kingdom on 1 January 1965 but have been updated many times since. Although we may not think it we rely on road signs heavily and without them our roads would be chaos.

The Simmonsigns range of sign lights are a great way to bring traffic signs out of the background making them stand out to drivers. This is a great way to improve safety on the roads as the sign lights will improve visibility and perception, which will allow an approaching driver more time to make judgements and reduce indecision.

In 2013, the Road Safety Foundation in the UK published a report of analysis of certain road sections that have shown the largest safety improvements during 2002-2006 and 2007-2011. The report stated that traffic signs, either in the form of an improvement or existing signage for the installation of new signs, was one of the contributing factors which led to overall impressive decreases in fatalities of up to 87%.

Simmonsigns have two sign lights available the LUA and LUB:

LUA Sign Light:

The LUA is a proven sign lighting system, with over 20 years development and field use. The LUA sign light features a robust cast aluminium head, which dovetails to a range of anti-rotational fixing bracketry, to meet all site fixing requirements.

LUB Sign Light:

The LUB MkT sign light system has also been used for over 20 years. It features a robust case aluminium head, which fits to a range of anti-rotational fixing bracketry and offers a visually appealing design with excellent light distribution. This sign light has a unique concealed hinge system which cannot be tampered with or levered open.
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