Why it is important to retain heritage and character?

Heritage Fencing

We live in a beautifully historic country full of intricate characterful architecture. You can see this heritage in many forms across the UK such as council buildings, churches, railways and more.

The Victorian era in particular heralded many architectural and landscaping features which we value today. Many products of this time will have been manufactured from cast iron such as railings which became a popular means of enclosing public buildings, gracing church boundaries and proclaiming the property of private land owners and the homes of the well-to-do. Many of these beautifully ornate railings were removed for salvage in the Second World War or allowed to fall into disrepair and some designs will never be seen again.  Many people now want to regain the feel of these heritage pieces to compliment the designs of the buildings around them. Modern alternatives simply do not hold the same character.

Heritage Products

Heritage buildings represent the past history and culture of a location. They constitute together the architectural heritage of an area. Heritage fencing, lampposts and benches are simple ways that you can restore character in your area.  Heritage fencing and railings can define a property boundary as well as maintaining an open relationship between a private lawn and the street community.


Front fencing especially is an important feature to a property. Steelway Fensecure can provide Heritage fencing that is sympathetic to the style of the associated dwelling will best compliment the properties original features as well as street setting. Through the skills and patience of craftsmen, fencing that incorporates the detailing and design of traditional architecture can easily be achieved. Using steel mean that you can benefit from the strength and durability of this material whilst still replicating the designs of yesteryear matching original colours for the perfect finish.


Steelways heritage work does not stop at fencing. They can also restore and replicate heritage metalwork such as internal and external staircases, balcony railings, benches, lanterns, lamp posts and door plates to name a few.

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