The importance of Welding Goggles

The Liberty Mutual Research Institute confirms that one of the most common forms of injury when welding, contributing to a quarter of reported injuries, is eye injuries. Whether this be through debris, spitting metals or even radiation.

Welding goggles protect the eyes from not only heat and optical radiation, but also from sparks or debris that may occur during forms of welding and cutting.

A high majority of welders believe that a welding helmet sufficiently protects their eyes from injury, however this is not the case. Welders should in fact wear goggles or safety glasses in addition to their helmets. For other tasks, such as oxygen cutting or gas welding, safety goggles are a vital necessity. The use of goggles provides users with protection against all dust, and radiation hazards.

There is an increasing number of welders who lack the correct eye protection. There are many risks involved in welding. It could be from flying materials, UVR radiation from flames, and even chemical reactions from fumes given off from the materials.

Each form of welding come with their own separate risks but one of the major risks is the emissions of potentially harmful infrared, ultraviolet, and visible spectrum radiation. In particular ultraviolet light it can cause very quick damage to the eyes, with the cornea and lens of the eye absorbing it, the operator will then begin to suffer from arc eye or arc flash – depending on what part of the eye absorbs the radiation. These injuries can cause severe pain, tearing and swelling of the eye not to mention a permanent injury.

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