Illuminated signs light up the road to safety

Illuminated Signs

Without illuminated signs the busy roads of the 21st Century would struggle to run successfully.

Illuminated signs really do light up the road to safety as one of the first elements in learning to drive in the UK is to study the many traffic signs, which will guide you through the streets and alert you to dangers that may be in your path. As such specifying high quality, robust and clear signage is key when creating new roads or renovating cities.Illuminated Signs

For durable internally illuminated traffic signs, look no further than the Invinca range from Simmonsigns. Their Illuminated signs are available with the latest LED technology and are self-contained with vandal resistant access.

The Invinca range of illuminated traffic signs has offered many years of proven service across the UK. The range is tough, vandal and delivers on safety, efficiency and significantly reduces maintenance.

Replacement of any element of Simmonsigns LED signs, should it be necessary, is simple and economical. This means that even after installation the traffic signs will be easy and cost effective to keep in working order.

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