WIRS is the only place in the UK for Hyundai Solid Wire!

Welding heads out there. Did you know that WIRS are currently the only supplier of Hyundai Solid Wire in the UK!?

They are currently only available from all three of our West Midlands based branches!

WIRS are fast gaining recognition as the standard for welding supplies and servicing In the UK. Many welding manufacturers now see WIRS as the best option for distribution in the Midlands and UK in general with many products including the Solid Wire now stocked exclusively by ourselves.

Tips for using Hyundai Solid Wire

  1. Use with CO2/Argon+15~25% CO2gas.
  2. The Flow of quantity of shielding gas should be approximately 25ℓ/min.
  3. Use wind screen against wind.
  4. Keep distance between tip and base metal 6~15mm for less than 250A, and 15~25mm for more than 250A of welding current.

WIRS offer a great range of Hyundai Welding Wires including their Hyundai Solid Wire.

Hyundai Solid Wire

WIRS are the UK’s exclusive distributer of Hyundai Solid Wire.

Designed for all position welding by short-circuiting type transfer and as the deposition efficiency is high and penetration is deep, highly efficient welding can be performed. It is also ISO 9001 approved!

If your at-all confused about the welding supplies best suited for your application come see us for expert advice, tips and training. For more information on Hyundai Solid Wire or our welding wires/electrodes in general, give one of our west Midlands based branches a call or visit our website.

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