Is it time for power flushing your central heating system?

A powerflush is a sanitization procedure for radiators and central heating systems. It aims to eliminate deposits of sludge, rust and debris from your heating system. If left, contaminants such as these can greatly affect the efficiency of your central heating system and therefore the unit’s performance.


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There are several reasons to make sure your central heating system is kept up to date but none more important but none more important than the fact it could add years to your boiler’s life and therefore more cash in your pocket.

Centra Heat’s Power flushing uses low pressure to flush any blockages from the central heating system so you can enjoy heating your home to its full potential again. This has a dual effect of both prolonging your boiler’s expected lifetime and heating your home more efficiently.

Are your radiators not heating like they used to? Then perhaps you need to take advantage of our power flushing services today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

If you need any more information on the most comprehensive power flushing service in the Shropshire area give Centra Heat a call today or visit their website.

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