What happens during a Compressed Air System Service?

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We know that it’s important to regularly have your compressed air system serviced, but what actually happens during a servicing?
The main purpose of a service is to ensure that the compressed air system has a long operating life and is reliable. The servicing you receive can depend on a few things:

  • The make and model of the system
  • The type of air compressor – oil-free, oil, lubricated etc.
  • Current hours of sun

Although a service may vary from system to system, there are a few things which can always be checked.

Overall check

No matter the make or model of the compressed air system, a service engineer will always check the machine is running correct and that there are no obvious issues that should be taken care of.

Both internal and external panels are check for mechanical damage to ensure that the air compressor is working efficiently. A service engineer will also check for oil leaks, these often indicate other types of issues regarding the systems functionality.

Oil and Air Filters

Once initial checks have been done, the oil and air filters can be changed. The filters prevent particles from entering the compressor and causing damage within. Although it may seem like a small component, if the filter starts to deteriorate then it won’t prevent contamination as efficiently.

Downstream Equipment Checks

As well as oil and air filter checks, a service includes the dryer getting checked and appropriately cleaned. This is done to ensure that it’s operating correctly.

This downstream check also includes the condensate system. This system will also be checked that it is working within legal requirements.
Before leaving the site, a service engineer will restart the compressed air system and recheck operation. Finally, a job sheet containing a description of the work completed will be produced. This is so you know what has happened and been changed during the service.

At TCAS they’re familiar with industry standards. This means they can make an informed recommendation about your air quality. So, if you already have a compressor, they can test its current air and make recommendations accordingly. Alternatively, if you need a new machine, they can make sure it meets the necessary quality. Read more here.

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