Which Gate is better Steel or Iron?


If you’re looking to buy a gate for your home you may stumble on this question, which gate material is better? While the main difference between steel and iron is the amount of carbon in each of them, both materials have different advantages and disadvantages. Find out which gate suits your specific requirements and style here!

Steel Gates

Steel remains a very popular choice for residential gates, giving a more modernised appearance. If strength is a big requirement for your gate then steel will probably be the better suited material for you. Stronger than iron, steel is highly dependant on the skill of the welder / metal fabricator you choose. 

If you require a less expensive option, some gate manufacturers fabricate steel gates out of stamped steel and use inexpensive hardware in the making. This is much cheaper but lacks the durability and strength that your gate will have. 

Iron Gates

Iron is a raw material that then gets turned into wrought iron, this is what is used for gates and various other products. Although iron isn’t commonly used for industrial purposes anymore, it still remains a common material with ornamental metalworks. 

If you desire design over durability then iron is the better option for you. Although weaker than steel, iron is a great material for creating ornamental and detailed metal work. It is much easier to work with and continues to be a popular choice for creating the finest of gates. 

If you are looking for a practical gate for your home, we recommend steel. Steel creates a modern gate and holds more strength and security for your property. At the Fencing Superstore, we supply high-quality steel gates. Find out more here: https://fencingsuperstore.co.uk/ranges/steel-gates

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