Flexible bollards sustain repeated impacts without compromising integrity

flexible bollards

flexible bollardsRoad bollards are essential for alerting drivers to bends, speed restrictions and lane changes. Occasionally these bollards do however get struck by cars and or damaged in other ways. Choosing a bollard which is flexible and durable is therefore essential for protecting your investment.

The Simmonsigns range of flexible bollards features specially developed durable polymer, which enables them to sustain repeated impacts without compromising integrity. They are extremely durable as this advanced high flexibility polymer resists tearing and reforms with minimum distortion.

If you really want to see just how well these bollards perform then take a look at the companies impact test videos. These show the bollard being hit at 30mph and the resulting condition after multiple impacts. The results are quite amazing with the bollard rebounding and remaining fully functional.   

To find out more information about flexible bollards please visit https://simmonsigns.co.uk


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