Don’t leave fire safety up to chance! Have fire curtains and smoke curtains installed!

fire curtains, smoke curtains

A small flame can turn into a major fire in as little as 30 seconds, with thick black smoke filling the area in a matter of minutes. It is reported that the primary cause of death in fires isn’t actually from the smoke or heat it is from smoke inhalation. Certainly, the flames still pose a serious risk, but it is im- portant to remember that stopping the flames does not stop the danger.

In public areas such as shopping centres, schools and hospitals, or working areas such as office blocks and factories, there are steps you can take to control the spread of fire and smoke, giv-
ing valuable time and protection for those inside the building. By installing smoke curtains and fire curtains to the area, you can prevent the spread of flames, heat and smoke. The curtains provide compartmentation between different areas, containing the fire. By using these, small fires can be pre- vented from turning into complete disasters.

IC International can provide the highest quality smoke curtains and fire barriers. Their brand of BRIDELATM curtains are produced from specially designed fabrics (BS 476 part 20 with a 2 hour in- tegrity rating awarded). They can cut and stitch the curtains into the specific sizes that you require, making them the most suitable for your desired application. Alternatively, the curtains can be supplied in roll form for you to cut yourself. For easy suspension and securement, brass metal grommets and in-built sleeved can stitched into the edge of the curtain.

When it comes to fire safety, don’t leave it up to chance. Trust IC International to provide you with high quality fire safety equipment. They are certified and independently audited to the globally rec- ognised international quality management standard ISO 9001.

For more information about fire curtains and smoke curtains from IC International, please visit their website.

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