Find out your Air Compressor Efficiency with energy Audits

Throughout industry, compressed air is so widely used; it is often regarded as the ‘fourth utility’ accounting for an average of 12% of facilities electrical energy consumption across Europe.

Electrical energy consumed by compressed air equipment represents between 60% – 80% of overall lifetime cost of compressed air equipment after initial purchase of machinery and service plan costs. As such, energy efficient compressed air systems save money and reduce carbon emissions.

By conducting an energy audit using data logging equipment, we can provide you with a comprehensive report, detailing overall energy costs resulting from compressed air demand, leakage rates and pressure drops over a set period of time. In turn we can recommend both products and services which can optimise the energy efficiency of your compressed air system, reducing both carbon emissions and overall cost of ownership.

Examples of how you can optimise energy efficiency of your compressed air system are:

  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Investing in Energy Efficient Equipment
  • Compressor Service
  • Replacement of Clogged Filter Elements

Leak Detection & Repair

Air leakage is the single largest waste of compressed air and in-turn electrical energy, accounting for up to 40% of air consumption in an un-managed system.

Our leak detection service uses ultrasonic survey handguns better known as ultrasonic leak detectors (ULD’s). This sophisticated equipment detects high frequency sound waves produced by air leaks from compressed air pipework, ancillary equipment and components.

Investing in Energy Efficient Equipment

If the functioning of your business relies on compressed air, it’s essential that you choose a reliable machine.

When it comes to compressed air, the actual compressor is just part of the system. There are other components that need to be incorporated into the system for it to function as efficiently as possible. One of these components is something to treat the air. If you wish to be compliant with ISO B573-1, air treatment is essential. Problems with untreated air include water or oil in the air as well as leftover condensate.

Compressor Service

Service and preventative maintenance is fundamental to maximising reliability, efficiency and longevity of compressed air equipment.

We believe that air compressors require much more than a simple installation if they are to last a long time. Along with our installation, we carry out full energy audits to make sure your machine is sufficiently powered. This also helps identify areas where you could save money on your energy bills! Furthermore, we create preventative maintenance plans. These help to all possible breakdown or damage possibilities.

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