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fencingThe Fencing Superstore offers a variety of fencing suitable for a range of applications.

Steel Garden Fencing

By choosing steel garden fences, you are choosing a strong and secure garden border. Typical wooden fences are typically not as resilient to the elements such as wind and rain. The Fencing Superstore has a variety of steel garden fencing, such as their interlaced bow top fencing, which will provide a secure yet aesthetically pleasing perimeter.

Park Fencing

When creating a public park, safety and security is a primary concern. By selecting steel park fencing from The Fencing Superstore you are able to create a fun looking yet purposeful park perimeter. Specifying a play area for children is important to make sure they stay within safe areas away from hazards such as cars. Fencing such as bow top fencing provides optimum visibility for supervising parents. Whether you wish to create a play park for the little ones, or a sports park for the teenagers, The Fencing Superstore have you covered.

Playground Fencing

The Fencing Superstore have a variety of playground fencing available, suitable for childrens play areas and adventure playgrounds. Their fencing is designed with safety in mind, making them perfect for use in childrens areas. Self-closing safety gates are available to go with their fencing, helping control access to the area. This is perfect for play areas you wish to keep free from dogs.

Steel School Fencing

School fencing is perfect for a variety of uses. These include improvements to school security and creating an enclosure for a sports pitch. Student control and safety won’t be issue with steel fencing from The Fencing Superstore. Schools are responsible for their students from the moment they step inside the gates, so providing a simple security measure like a strong border should be the first security measure they take.

Animal Fencing

If you require animal fencing for applications such as farms, fields or petting zoos, The Fencing Superstore has a variety of fencing that would provide the perfect solution. Security and longevity are just two of the benefits that steel fencing boast over the traditional wire fencing. With a variety of height options, the fencing they offer is suitable for animals of many different sizes.

Steel Council Fencing

If you’re building a new development, or looking to renovate an existing residential area, steel council fencing could be the solution you’re looking for. This fencing is an attractive yet functional finish to any area. Providing safety, security and privacy, these fences are sure to be popular with the local residents. With a range of colours available, The Fencing Superstore can provide fencing that’s bound to meet your aesthetic requirements.

Sport Fencing

A MUGA (multi use games area) is the perfect hang out place for young people, and is ideal for encouraging young people to get involved with sport. The Fencing Superstore offer several MUGA options and sport fencing solutions. Fencing such as there 3m high fencing is ideal for areas, which are used for ball games such as football. Choosing sport fencing can help make sure games stay in control and in the specified area.

Car Park Fencing

Car park fencing enables you to have full control over your car park, and provide protection for vehicles. With full control over access to you site you are able to specify opening times and costs for your car park, without having to worry about trespassing. The Fencing Superstore has a variety of fencing styles, colours and heights, giving you a range of choices for your fencing solution.


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