Exterior Wood Finishes, Which suits your project?

Exterior Wood Finishes

Wood has always been a very desirable building material for exterior projects such as fences, gates, garden furniture, front doors, garages and summer houses. This is down to how easy the material is to work with and aesthetical reasons. This application of wood in external building projects creates a requirement for an exterior wood finish, to increase the woods life.Exterior Wood Finishes

Wood is a great strong building material but being exposed to a ever changing environment can cause to wood to expand and contract. This can result in buckling, warping, swelling and shrinking. This not only affects the over all appearance of the wood but the strength and lifespan to.

However all of these issues can be avoided by applying the right coat to the surface of the wood, Finework exterior wood finishes have been created to enhance the natural durability of the wood.

So what are the different types of finishes we provide?

The first option is solid colour paint these can create a bold effect, brightening up any garden and allowing creative colours schemes, these cover the woods natural colour and grain. Although as these paints sit on top of the wood they can peel over time.

If you want to still see the grain of the wood through the exterior wood finish then maybe the semi-transparent pigment is a better fit. These provide a much more subtle colour and instead of sitting on the surface they soak into the grain of the wood. These coats contain a wax, resin or drying oil once these have soaked into the wood they give a moisture protection, which vastly reduces the amount the wood will expand, and contract.

Varnish is another great option if you are looking to really enhance to appearance of the wood. This works best when applied to a wood that’s got a smooth surface where it will create a lovely sheen effect. Varnish is something that will need to applied on a regularly bases to keep the sunlight and moisture protection working best.

Choosing the right product for your project will really increase to longevity of your wood. For more information about Finework exterior wood finishes visit our website.

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