Don’t forget about your HR department!

HR Support System

The human resource department in any organisation is often pushed aside and forgotten about. Many directors fail to recognise the importance of having a HR support system in place. Running a business is so much more the production, operations and sales. What is often forgotten is that things things wouldn’t be possible without the employees and that employees need to be taken care of to.

Over the last 10 years, many local and national businesses have benefitted from ISA Supports HR Support Services. Their HR support service encompasses all there is to know about hiring and retaining your employees. They can assist you managing employee relationships, staff motivation, performance issues and so much more.

With the recent development with Brexit, your HR department is now more important than ever. It is expected that Brexit will bring about skill shortages in the future, meaning retaining and developing staff to fill positions in house is vital. There is now also more stringent rules with GDPR, meaning businesses must have all of their Data Protection in line. Failure to do so could result in companies facing large fines!

Recruiting and retaining staff and setting out their requirements and expectations can be difficult. ISA’s HR Support services can assist with matters such as this, to ensure that both you and your employees are clear on the terms of employment.

For more information about ISAs HR Support Services please visit their website.


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