Disposable Gas Cylinders

Disposable gas cylinders are non-refillable cylinders that contain a single gas or gas mixture used for function testing of gas detection and analytical equipment where portability is paramount or gas usage is low.

These gas cylinders cannot be refilled and once empty, they should be thrown away. All disposable gas cylinders are filled from a large refillable type high-pressure cylinder which is called the mother cylinder.

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Argon Disposable Gas Bottles

Argon gas bottles are suitable for most portable MIG and TIG welding machines. Disposable Argon gas bottles are a cost effective, handy alternative to stationary industrial size gas cylinders.

The Welding Superstore also stock Argon/CO2 disposable gas cylinders, suitable for portable MIG welding machines.

Nitrogen Disposable Gas Cylinder

N2 gas cylinders are commonly used in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. The reason for this is to purge moisture while repairing pipes.

At the Welding Superstore, many of the disposable gas cylinders come with a twin gauge regulator to show flow and pressure in the cylinder. With this type of regulator, you get more control of the flow coming out of your gun as you can visibly alter it.

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