Choosing a Welding Blanket

Making sure you have the right blanket for Welding is very important. Here are some top tips on choosing the best flame-retardant blanket for Welding jobs:

Splash and Projection

Welding blankets are put into classes simply due to the fact that there are many different Welding techniques. Some techniques are light and some are stronger, therefore projection will be weaker or stronger. Most flame-retardant blankets, are designed to protect not only from splash and spark projections but also from heat and fire, in addition they could be used in both sides and positions.


The most used material for Welding blankets is flame-retardant fibreglass fabric, due to its high temperature resistance. Fibreglass is achieved by filtering melted glass through a piece with very thin holes. Once the glass has cooled down, the obtained material is flexible enough to be used as fiber.

The BRIDELA™ welding blankets and welding curtains help you avoid serious hazards, and they are an excellent safety precaution. Fires can be accidentally started by welding sparks which smoulder and burst into flames. This can sometimes happen when a welding, grinding or gas cutting operation has finished and premises left unattended.


Welding blankets are ideal for protecting workers. They have the added benefit of shielding flammable materials, machinery, plant and equipment from molten metal globules, spatter, etc. They may be reusable, dependent upon the application.

Silica Welding Blankets can protect workers and have the added benefit of shielding flammable materials and machinery.

Silica Welding Blankets properties:

  • Protection from heavy duty molten metal globules / spatter up to 1000ºC / 1832ºF
  • Ideal for cutting operations
  • Abrasion resistant finish
  • High flexibility and drapeability
  • Non-combustible


IC International Limited is an independent, well-established, professional company, which has built up an undeniably excellent reputation over many years of successful manufacturing of fire blankets and associated products in the United Kingdom.

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