Choosing the right MIG Welder

It can be a tricky process when trying to find a MIG welder that is suitable for your application, fits your budget, and doesn’t compromise quality. Here’s a guide to the features and pitfalls to look out for when purchasing a new MIG set.

1. MIG Wire Inch Button

When purchasing a MIG welder, looking out for the inch button feature can be very beneficial. This feature will save you from wasting your shielding gas when feeding wire through, when its time to start a new reel.

2. Duty Cycle

Yes, the advertised amperage of the machine offers a headline guide, but the duty cycle of the machine – gives up the truth. The duty cycle is determined by how many minutes out of 10, it can weld at 100%. Light industrial machine duty cycles can be a little as 20%, but heavy duty MIG machines should range somewhere between 40-60%.

3. Warranty

If you are expecting to use your MIG welder rather frequently, ensuring you have a warranty from the manufacturer may be very useful. Using any kind of machinery can shorten its lifespan. With a three-year warranty you know you won’t be without for long. This is especially useful for them that rely on welding as their job.

4. Digital Meters – Factory Fitted

Digital meters are incredibly useful to have included in purchase and may be required for calibration requirements further down the line. Having them from the beginning means you are more prepared and can cut expensive costs in the future.

5. Printed Circuit Board Protection

Reliability increases if the machines PCB’s are protected from dust and kept away from the fan. If you are unsure where this is allocated, some manufacturers have the parts that need cooling in a duct type housing and the PCB isolated separately.

6. Fan

A fan on demand lowers the running costs of the machine and reduce contamination of internal components. The fan will start when its needed rather than running all day, when it may not be needed.

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