What are Bow Top Railings?

bowtop fence panel

Our Bow Top railings are ideal for installation on new and existing housing estates, play areas, gardens, schools, parks and commercial property as they provide excellent visibility. Not only does this mean an open feel to the landscaping, it also means parents can watch their children with ease. This also makes them ideal for gardens, where an open and spacious look is desired. 

The railings are made up of the required number of panels, fence posts and gates, designed and built to your specifications. Available in different bar sizes, widths, and heights. This means that the desired look can always be achieved. 

Colours and Finishes

Our Bow Top collection is designed and supplied with an attractive galvanized finish and can be further customised in a variety of colours. This is achievable by adding a powder coating to the galvanized railings. Colours vary from more traditional colours such as black, to bright and bold colours such as yellow. This is ideal for schools, as you can match the fencing to your school colours!

We believe in offering our customers the best possible finish. This is achieved through a minimum of 16 separate processes which start upon completion of the manufactured product in bare metal.

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Bow Top Fencing Panels

Our Bow Top Fencing panels provide a decorative, yet secure barrier for boundary applications. Offering a simple solution for preventing dogs from fouling on play areas and stopping children from running into dangerous areas. Bow Top Fencing can be used for a variety of different areas.

Bow Top Gates

With three choices of gate designs to compliment the Bow Top Fence panels you are sure to find  the perfect partner for your specification. 

The Double Leaf gate can blend seamlessly with the fencing, giving a consistent look. For areas such as children’s play areas, our safety gates are ideal. 

Our Premier Spring safety gates are self-closing. These can help prevent trapped fingers, as well as making sure the area is always fully closed in. This prevents entry from unwanted animals such as dogs.

The Premier Safe Hydraulic gate uses a combination of hydraulics and bearings technology to achieve its safe use. These offer a child-friendly self closing system which is great for estates , parks and playgrounds.

Bow Top Fence Posts

Our Top Fence posts are designed to be used to join each Bow Top Fence panel. These posts are made to match the finished height of the fence panels so it sits level with the top of the rail. Also available in the same range of colours as the main fence panels.


Post Cleat Kit suits all steel railing panels and can is used for fitting panels to posts. 

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