Added Safety with Self Closing Gates

self closing gates

When creating an enclosed outdoor area, the choices you have to make goes beyond choosing the correct fencing. Choosing the right gate is also an important decision to make. When selecting the gate to accompany your fencing, careful consideration must be given to those who are most likely to use the fenced off area.

The Fencing Superstore offers a variety of hydraulic gates and self-closing gates. These are ideal for a number of areas, but especially for childrens areas such as playgrounds and parks. The hydraulic gates are slow and soft closing which is perfect for preventing trapped fingers. Self closing gates are also ideal for such areas as parents can be assured that there children have an enclosed space to play, without worry of them wondering off.

For public parks, hydraulic and self-closing gates are also ideal for keeping animals such as dogs, out of the area. However, they’re also perfect for use within specific dog parks, where dogs must be kept to a restricted area!

The Fencing Superstore supplies a wide range of steel gates an barriers, to suit a variety of styles. Styles available include Bow Top and Flat Top gates available in a variety of colours. These gates are extremely versatile and can make a difference to any space.

For more information about hydraulic or self closing gates from The Fencing Superstore, please visit their website.

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