Accessible Heavy Duty Trunking


Steel Trunking Is ideal for public areas where there is a high footfall due to its mechanical strength making it a robust and durable solution. Trunking is commonly used underfloor to protect things such as pipework and electrical cables. Failure you to protect these could lead to damage and costly repairs.

The problem that often occurs however is that by providing such protection access becomes limited. Screeduct bespoke trunking systems do not have this issue as service access is provided by removable flush-fitting modular covers. Lids can be manufactured from galvanised steel, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Providing easy access for servicing means that the protection of pipes or cabling does not need to compromise the ability to maintain your services. Whether you simply need to view the contents or something needs to be fixed, service ducting allows for this access. Failure to provide service access a lengthy and costly process could be incurred to fix any problems within the trunking.

Lids can be produced to be interchangeable in any position. This can future proof a project meaning no matter whether the usage of the space changes the access can fit the current needs. Lids can be produced from Chequer Plate materials for industrial environments or have addition finishes to easily indicate service points.

For more information please visit the Screeduct website.

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