5 ways that Online Training can help you save Money

online training

1. Reduction in travel costs

Just one employee travelling to main cities for training can cost a business a lot of money. If you’re a small business or just getting off the ground, that often not a feasible option. What if you could eradicate these expenses from your travel budget?

Go digital! Online courses will render office location irrelevant. As employees will be able to access it from every corner of the world, at any time. Your employees can either undertake training in the comfort of their own home or in the office.

2. Save on venue costs

Is your office big enough to host a live training session? Most small companies simply do not have the boardroom space to accommodate a training session with all members of staff. Online courses provide an opportunity to cut down on expenses related to event management. In addition, employees will be happier that they won’t have to spend their full day at a training venue.

3. Minimise lost productivity

Take your total number of employees. Multiply that number by their average hourly salary. Now multiply that by all the time that training sessions and travel to and from those training sessions takes. That’s the productivity cost of in-person training.

Online training courses can help to greatly reduce the loss by allowing employees to access learning materials at any time and with no travel involved. Time is money, and online training saves your company big on lost time.

4. Save on instructor costs
In traditional face to face training, you have to pay someone (either an employee you hire full time or an expert you bring on as needed) to teach your employees. These instructors can come at a big cost. Online training is mostly in the hands of students, successfully eliminating the need for hiring full-time trainers or instructors.

5. New staff can catch up
Sometimes face to face training can be great for big teams. Not only will it offer an educational experience but also a team building platform. But what about new employees who join after this? Does this mean you have to fork out again to help them be compliant or to catch up? Online training can bring new additions to your team up to speed quickly and efficiently.

So if you like the sound of how online training could save you money head over to the ISA Business Development and Support website. They have a range of online training courses in health and safety. Regardless of your skill level, these courses are ideal for beginners, or as refresher courses for those who need to brush up on their skills and knowledge. All online training courses £24.99 each excluding VAT.

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