5 Reasons to Data Log your Compressed Air System

Data logging is the best way to get the most out of your compressor. Data loggers simply collect vast amounts of information about a compressed air system. This information could be anything varying from pressure, temperature, drew point and flow rate.

Efficiency has never been more important for your compressed air system. Energy costs are rising every year and are continuing to do so. Alongside this, there’s much more responsibility on businesses for sustainability for the environment. Cold, hard data is needed to prove that you will reduce the carbon footprint of your business, whilst returning money to your bottom line.

To get the very most out of your compressed air system, data needs to be collected to identify the inefficiencies and highlights needed to save money in the future.

So, we have established that data loggers can analyse to show whether cost savings methods can be achieved, but what else can a data logger be used for?

1. Establish a Baseline

The most important step of managing a compressed air system is developing a baseline. It’s necessary to understand the kWh of your system as this is what energy companies charge you for. If your system is not performing like the manufacturers specification, there may be a problem with your system. If this is the case, this may also help highlight other needs for change.

2. Troubleshoot Problems

Data loggers are great for troubleshooting, this is because its very easy to review the data sets to find out what was happening at the exact point of the problem. Having this accurate data means that when any problems arise, its easy to monitor what went wrong.

3. Ensure Pressure Stability

Monitoring pressure manually can be extremely difficult, but with a data logger it allows the data to get recorded and analysed. When using multiple parameters, such as compressed power and flow, the response of the compressor to pressure change can be identified.

4. Sizing Equipment

Data logger provide a quick shot of the systems operation to avoid inaccurate assumptions and incorrect sizing decisions. Consider installing a data log to help size compressors and equipment associated.

5. Verifying Savings

Data loggers are the solution to help estimate whether potential savings will be achieved. Data logging ensures your system is operating at its required performance, in return, it can also open you up to more money saving opportunities.
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