Historical sites revealed as Heatwave scorches UK

The British heatwave is continuing, and as anyone with a garden will know, grass is suffering. Record temperatures, mean that the nation’s normally luscious green landscape has been scorched. A strange side effect of this is the revelation of some hidden gems at historical sites all across the region.

Dudley Castle

Dudley Castle

Dudley Castle

The long spell of hot weather has revealed prominent parch marks in three areas at Dudley Castle. They reveal a wall line from the 1500s, an elaborate garden water feature from the early 1900s and a unknown building near the base of the keep.

Former castle keeper, Adrian Durkin, said: “I haven’t seen the wall line across the far end of the courtyard for about 30 years!

Wroxeter Roman City

Wroxeter Roman City Scorched ground

Scorched ground at Wroxeter Roman City

Wroxeter Roman City has also reported exciting evidence of archaeology. They have shown images on their Facebook page of recognisable grid marks of a hypocaust system which once lay beneath a Roman villa. They have an expert archaeologist who has assured them that this is what they are witnessing.

A scorched UK

It isn’t just an isolated event in the Midlands. Many historical sites have reported seeing hidden treasures in the scorched ground. The Met Office has this week tweeted pictures showing the effect that the heatwave has had on the UK with comparative images from space from May and July.

UK from space


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